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Lyrics Writing Dashboard

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The Notion Template made for Songwriters

Are you a songwriter, poet, or music enthusiast? Dive into the world of melodies and emotions with our Lyric Writing Dashboard! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, this meticulously designed Notion template will revolutionize your lyric-writing process.


  1. Lyrics Database: Organize all your lyrical masterpieces in one place. Capture the essence of each song, including details like theme, genre, and credits.
  2. Version Control: Keep track of different versions of your lyrics. From initial drafts to final renditions, never lose sight of your creative evolution.
  3. Notes and Ideas: Jot down those fleeting moments of inspiration. Whether it’s a midnight melody or a poignant phrase, store it here.
  4. Reference and Inspiration: Curate a collection of references that fuel your creativity. Lyrics from your favorite artists, quotes, or even visual inspiration—everything finds a home.
  5. Collaboration Area: Collaborate seamlessly with fellow songwriters, musicians, or producers. Share drafts, exchange feedback, and refine your work together.
  6. Version History: Trace the journey of your lyrics. See how they’ve transformed over time, like a musical time capsule.

Bonus Pages:

  • Idea Bank: A treasure trove of lyric ideas waiting to be explored. When writer’s block strikes, dive into this wellspring of creativity.
  • Lyrics Writing ChatGPT Prompts: Stuck? Let the AI-powered prompts spark your imagination. Unleash fresh ideas and break through creative barriers.
  • Resources Page: Access valuable free resources—songwriting tips, rhymes dictionary, and more—to elevate your craft.

Why Invest in a Lyric Writing Dashboard?

To Elevate Your Songwriting Process

🎵 Unlock Creativity: The Lyric Writing Dashboard is your creative haven. Capture melodies, emotions, and poetic expressions effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding lyricist, this template fuels your imagination.

🎤 Dynamic Views for Songs & Projects: Seamlessly organize your lyrical masterpieces. From initial sparks to final verses, track every stage of your songs. Collaborate with fellow musicians, refine lyrics, and watch your compositions evolve.

Get ready to harmonize your creativity, capture your soulful lyrics, and compose melodies that resonate. The Lyric Writing Dashboard awaits—unlock your musical journey today! 🎶📝🎤

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Lyrics Writing Dashboard

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